Southern Wayne Regional Chamber of Commerce

Southern Wayne Regional Chamber of Commerce


The Southern Wayne Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local businesses and to providing the services that will benefit its members. Our goal is to build a strong business community and to work with other community organizations to provide an improved overall quality of life in our area.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Joomla! 1.5, Logo Re-design, Calendar, Advanced Contact Forms with CAPTCHA, Zoo Document Downloads, Zoo Business Directory, Custom Forms, Social Bookmarks, Newsletters and more!

Client Testimonial

When the Chamber decided that a new updated website was long overdue, we started working with WebVantage. We were looking not only for a new look but a user friendly site that our business community and members could use as a tool to help promote their offerings. We also had a second necessity in mind. We have many visitors that come to our area for vacations and we needed to have information available to them in their search for accommodations, things to do, places to see, etc. WebVantage listened carefully to our long list of particulars and produced a complete package for our Chamber. No questions go unanswered with their staff.

Many of our members have called or contacted us to tell us what a powerful tool this has become for them.

Thank you, Cooch, for your time, efforts, patience, and “tech – knowledge”. Everyday, we seem to discover something new and useful that we can use for the benefit of our business community.

Providing Value to Our Clients

While WebVantage is not the cheapest provider, we have years of experience working with our clients needs. Many of our competitors will submit lower bids and then “surprise bill" at the end of the month for additional work. With WebVantage, you know what to expect—no hidden fees, no surprise bills and you will always receive high quality work.

Providing Value to Our Clients

It is our goal to assist you in bringing great ideas to market in the minimum amount of time, using the least amount of resources, with uncompromised quality and growth potential. We want your business to be a success!